Resident Evil Ada Wong Trapped :FatCat

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Resident Evil Ada Wong Trapped animation made by FatCat All credits go to these amazing animators for their amazing work on the animations!

Published by iheretoo_122
23 days ago
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The part on the chair was so fucking hot🔥
to Angie25 : Sollen wir uns den Mal zusammen anschauen 😉
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The next thing, ada will have a zombie baby codenamed Mr X jr 😂😂😂😂
to iheretoo_122 : Thank you. Yes, I recognize the female characters from the movie series, but only a couple of the male and other characters appear there. Great that the game series and creator liberties allow for much greater and more varied content. Stay safe and strong my friend. Great work!!!!
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to thstym : yes ada and mr x is character in game series resident evil 😊 and all video I'm upload is character from video game 
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Quick, probably dumb ass question; but, are most of the characters in these vids from the game series!? I don't remember them, the villains that is, being in the movie series. Recognize the females. (Not a gamer.)
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